As an artist, I've seen firsthand how we do nothing alone; how community support in all forms can help us to be our best selves and get things done! I want to sow generosity seeds beyond my art practice, and I am inviting my community to join in on the giving journey. 
In 2022,  I spent over 90 hours hand drawing the one who heals narrative, "Be Still & Know."  From that came not only the idea that the story would be a way to extend the healer's reach through direct audience engagement of healing through meditative coloring book practice but that it could also help fund organizations/ causes that are enriching our communities
How to donate: From February - December 2023, this coloring book will be available through a $25 donation. Proceeds from the donations will cover the cost of the book/shipping and the remainder will go to the organization selected for the month. I will spotlight these organizations and the causes they serve on my Instagram @alexisrivierre_art. Click the name of the organization below to learn more about them!
All proceeds will be collected via Venmo (@AlexisRivierreLLC) and donated on the last day of each month. Books will be shipped out each month in 2023 as they are ordered.
Learn about the 2023-“Be Still and Know” Coloring Book Fund Recipients below:

1. Feb- Alexis Rivierre’s Artist Residency: Funding support for fees associated with attending upcoming artist residency. Thank you for your generous contributions, we raised $390 through coloring books; the donations gathered were able to help me fund the travel to and from the residency!

2. March- Rung For Women (ST. Louis, MO)In honor of Women’s History Month, I selected a non-profit whose mission is to “inspire all women to climb the economic opportunity ladder” and they do this through free coaching and job training programs! In addition to empowering women, they have a community garden and  Childe care opportunities, etc. They are truly focused on wholeness and equitable economic advancement. You know, they say if you support a woman, you support the whole village!
3. April- Troop 6000 (Girl Scouts of Greater NY): supports troop members living in temporary housing in the NYC shelter System. The troop has grown from 20 youth in 2017 to over 600 girls and volunteers across 18 shelters in NYC.

4. May- Artistic Noise (Harlem, NY): This art non-profit center empowers youth who have been involved with the justice system. Artistic Noise brings art lessons to detention facilities and "supports the positive reentry for youth and also provides preventive care for those in need. Artistic Noise workshops allow youth to reflect on their experiences and examine complex socio-political issues in a safe and structured environment. 
5. June- Black Girls Do STEM (ST. Louis, MO)Black Girls Do STEM provides middle school-age black girls the opportunity to be curious, learn about the STEM professions, and build their confidence through learning STEM-related skills. This organization not only informs and trains youth about potential career opportunities but also is aiding in increasing the number of future black STEM professionals we will have. 

6. July- Freedom Arts (ST. Louis, MO)Freedom Arts & Education Center ensures that Black and Brown youth have access to arts and education programs, summer programs, and job opportunities. Their mission is to remove systemic barriers while feeding, healing, and teaching STL youth. 

7. Aug- Mulberry Art. Gallery (Wichita, KS): Since 2020, Mulberry Art has made its mission to ensure that local Black, Brown, and other underrepresented ICT artists have a space to display their work and grow their careers. 

8. Sept- MSU micro-grant for one art student (Springfield, MO): Since graduating from Missouri State in 2014 I have wanted to pour back into art students in need. As a college student, I was often choosing between books, art supplies, and things like food, or rent! Help me to help one art student relieve the pressure of their finances so they can buy materials needed for school. I will work with the staff to determine how to best determined an eligible candidate.

9. Oct- WSU micro-grant for one art student (Wichita, KS): At the risk of sounding redundant...I started making masks with my clothing because as a graduate student, I was still having to choose between basic living expenses and materials for my thesis! So, I would like to help one graduate student at Wichita State relieve the pressure off their finances so they can buy materials for their project. 

10. Nov- Santa Seals Christmas Giveback (ST. Louis, MO): Brock Seals (IG:@sealsbrock) is a dope artist in my hometown of St. Louis, MO. He is known for painting EVERYTHING---literally! From murals to cleats for NFL Rams players, if it exists Brock is not afraid to customize it. Beyond his art practice, Brock gives to youth and families in his community through a Christmas Giveback. In 2022, Santa Seals was able to give away free toys to youth ages 5-12! Let's help Santa Seals Spread holiday cheer this year!

11. Dec- Food Bank for New York City (NYC): Info from their site; "An estimated 1 out of 5 women in New York City are facing poverty. Many are forced to make impossible choices between paying for food and rent and purchasing essential care products. Last year, we were able to distribute nearly 1.4 million pounds of household and personal care items to women and families in need. Help us provide necessities like tampons, deodorant, and diapers this year and beyond!"
Above: A select image from Be Still & Know Coloring book, 2022. 
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