"TAKE CARE," digital composite, 2020 & TAKE CARE Spotify Playlist
Note: Various narrative elements for this body of work are currently in production; please note that this page functions as an in progress virtual studio and is regularly being updated.
 I am currently developing Take Care which is focused on re-contextualizing the relationship between black women, community, violence/trauma and anxiety. Initially, this project was focused on relocating home, confronting traumas associated with sites from my past, navigating self-care rituals, sound therapy and addressing a need for communal healing as the St. Louis community had lost 18 youth to gun violence by the end of summer 2019. With the sudden onset of the Coronavirus pandemic I realized that the pandemic will influence this work requiring it to grow into an expanded wellness conversation; one that investigates the state of this moment, one of overwhelm, media over-stimulus, and a desire for interpersonal connection.
Originally intended to appear in the STL community through impromptu performances due to the current social distancing/quarantine culture work will unfold on IG: @alexisrivierre_art & www.alexisrivierre.com
Left: "Shifting Atmospheres/ On Broadway" (Brooklyn Floral Shop) Glitch Gif, 2020
Left: "On Broadway" (Brooklyn Floral Shop), 2020; Right" "On Broadway" (Brooklyn Floral Shop) digital composite, 2020 

Above: TAKE CARE characters "one who heals" & Cardinal (The Guide)
Above: one who heals/Bearing Witness, Video/Digital Composite, 2020-21
Above: "EXHALE," one who breathes, stills from performance video, 2021
Above: one who heals/A Recipe: PUSH DOWN & TURN, Digital Composite, 2020-21
 Note: To listen to "One who heals/A Recipe: PUSH DOWN & TURN":  iPhone/iPad users; Open Your camera and point the camera on your phone to the QR code in the image. Then click the redirect link to the SoundCloud link. Android users; download a free QR code reader and follow their QR code scan instructions. 
Above: one who heals, Performance Still, 2021
#StayTuned as the Take Care narrative is still unfolding. 
This project was supported, in part, by a Regional Arts Commission Artist Support Grant.
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