Alexis Rivierre (b. 1991, St. Louis, MO) is an interdisciplinary artist who creates visual narratives; her practice functions within the expanded field of painting utilizing a range of media from photography to textiles, and performance. In addition to her artist practice Rivierre partners with arts organizations, museums, and universities to develop educational resources. Rivierre earned her MFA in Studio art with an emphasis in painting at Wichita State University in 2018 and a BFA in Art/Painting, with a minor in Art History from Missouri State University in 2014. Rivierre has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at Wayfarers Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), The Ulrich Museum of Art (Wichita, KS), The Kansas Museum (Wichita, KS), and Center [3] Artistic + Social Practice in Ontario, Canada. She currently lives and operates her studio practice in New York City.
In the realm of visual storytelling, the potent social and political impact of various media forms becomes evident. Film and beyond wield influence that molds how we perceive ourselves alongside those deemed "different." Through a complex, interdisciplinary approach, I craft narratives delving into the intricate ties between racial representation, language, and the sway of visual media on our socialization, particularly in the US context.
My artistic path orbits a penetrating study of Black womanhood's portrayal, deeply entwined with its historical backdrop in the American narrative. Drawing from my experiences, I center on cinematic and media representations, extracting inquiries that challenge prevailing stereotypes, confront the perception of the Black body as a threat, and explore self-care within a racially charged society.
My creative process unfurls as clothing and personal items transform into masks adorned with mirrors, glass, beads, and paint. These masks channel untold stories, leading to spontaneous performative acts. Born from historical fragments, these personas engage an unwitting public, captured through self-portraits, iPhone shots, and videos.
These moments blend with selected online language and imagery, birthing alternative narratives that redefine our collective identity. This interplay between artistic expression and discourse empowers, reclaiming agency. My work uncovers societal stories, inviting viewers to shed preconceptions, question inherited narratives and rally around a vibrant, dynamic counterpoint.

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