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Above (left): one who heals with the guide (cardinal) 
Above (right) one who heals performance composite, 2021.
Below are select pages from the narrative coloring book, Be Still & Know, illustrated in 2022. As the guide (cardinal) leads the one who heals through stages of external/internal challenges, one who heals will process, and plant new possibilities in their pursuit for liberty. 
.....The close of the story "Be Still and Know" can be "read" in full in the 8"x10", 42-page coloring book and is also featured as one of the narratives in the all-encompassed TAKE CARE Book. 
one who heals (performance still with sketches), 2021
Above (left) Untitled (Scarred like Peter), 2021 / Above (right): Release, gif, 2021​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Above: one who heals, Bearing Witness, video still, 2021
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