At the intersection of violence and healing there exists an opportunity to experience freedom through the possibility of new beginnings. In conjunction with the CommUNITY Arts Festival, Anew is situated at this intersection creating a space for dialogue, fresh perspectives, and call to action. Through juried call thirteen artists were assembled from the region to present the duality we experience every day, existing, between the reality of ever-present violence in our community and the ways we collectively address, support one another whilst making space for vision to see things anew. 
The themes in Anew can be difficult to take in at times, as we all have felt the impact of gun violence, trauma, sexual assault, amongst other instances of violence. The ultimate goal within this exhibition is to address difficult topics while simultaneously providing a counter-image opportunity to even for a moment experience peace and optimism for our future. 
                                                                                                             Alexis Rivierre, Guest Curator
Featured Artists: 
Quinton Ward | CJ Larson | Hannah Stewart | Jeff Williams | Lydia Wood | Margaret Nicholson | Hasna Sal |       Kelley Quinn | Brittni Mosby | Troy Aiken | Chelsea Klamm | Tony Rio | Joseph Ovalle 

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