"X | down", one who breathes six panel, photography, digital collage, 2020
EXHALE| one who breathes |TAKE CARE
Through interconnected fractured narratives TAKE CARE  focuses on the relationship between black women and wellness. Navigating the rituals of self care as a means to confronting trauma, anxiety, violences, overwhelm, and over stimulus, “one who breathes”, partakes in the performative EXHALE evoking the reminder that you have the authority to ‘be’, to reclaim, and to make room. “one who breathes”, the protagonist in this segment of the series, operates within and harnesses the principle color of blue. A color with vast symbolic meaning, blue serves as a signal of serenity, understanding, power, and protection. “one who breathes” serves as the gatekeeper, the preparer, the clearer. Resetting the space to usher in the “one who heals”.
"one who breathes" mask and garments are made from the artists up cycled clothing, braids, paint, reflective gems and a pair of vans. The clearer/tool is made from made from recycled handle, one who breathe's braids,  jeans, safety blanket, beads, and white paint
As a part of its regenerative healing cycle the artist installs a set of braided extensions  to assume the one who heals. After each performance iteration is complete the braids are deinstalled and then sewn into the garment, and tools. The one who breathes has operated in two iterations thus far.  This work is still evolving- stay tuned. 
"X | internal", digital collage, 2020 (top left), one who breathes (top right/ bottom left), "X is for EXHALE", pattered text digital composite, 2020
one who breathes portrait, 2020 (Top left), character gloves detail, 2020 (top right), 
"X | undone," version1, photography, digital collage, 2021 (bottom left), "Exhale" Performance Still, 2021 (bottom right)
"X| clearer"( tool) (2020), "X", performance still composite, 2021
"Exhale" performance stills (top left through bottom left), "X | undone" version 2, photography, digital composite, 2021
Above Images: "Enuf/EXHALE" Flag at STNDRD Exhibitions, Granite City, IL (ST. Louis Metro). On view through November 30, 2021. 
one who breathes garment details (top), 2020 & still from "Exhale" performance, 2021
"X | grounded", photography, digital collage, 2021
The TAKE CARE series is sponsored in part by the St. Louis Regional Art Commission's  Artist Support Grant. 
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